Last Minute Careworkers for Providers - Great Agency Staff Backup


Last Minute Care Portal for Providers

In Ubercare’s web portal you can be linked with as many Ubercarers as you need, and when you need them. This is ideal for last minute requests, such as when a staff member calls up sick or goes home early – and the minimum service time is only 1 hour!

Ubercare is built around a GPS-system that sends requests to the nearest online care workers. You can then review the fully qualified care worker’s profile picture, rating and expected time of arrival before accepting them for a job. Once accepted, you can track how far away they are, right up until the moment they arrive at the nominated location.

Ubercare’s portal lets you manage everything online – request Ubercarers now or in the future, provide additional information directly to the Ubercarer (eg: instructions or care plans), rate Ubercarers after each session, submit incident reports and review your invoices.

Ubercarers can usually arrive within 15-30 minutes!

If you are in a hurry and need someone right now, you can auto-accept the Ubercarers that respond, or you can review their name, photograph, star rating and estimated time of arrival, as well as their contact details, to make sure you’ve got the best fit.

Just like with the App, once the Ubercarers are on their way, you can watch the countdown until their arrival and see where they are on a map.

When the Ubercarer arrives, the portal will alert you so you can welcome them to your facility.

At the completion of the service you are asked to rate your experience with the carer. This offers incentive to the Ubercarer to provide the best experience every time and ensures only those providing high quality care remain available through Ubercare.

No more waiting for call-backs and having little or no idea who is coming. Sign up at or call Dani McKenna, Ubercare Client Services Manager, on 1300 120 999.

How Ubercare works for Approved Providers

Ubercare is not an Approved Provider and has no intention to become one. Ubercare provides a last minute alternative for the approved provider rostering team when the need for an agency replacement is required. It gives you and your team the ability to quickly and easily request on-demand assistance via Ubercare’s dedicated corporate portal. No need to wait for the ‘agency to call back’ – you have control.

Ubercarer Hourly Rates – Minimum One Hour Service

Monday to Friday (8am to 6pm)         $38.00
Saturday & after hours                         $43.00
Sunday                                                    $54.00

The Ubercare model is light and nimble and therefore provides a much-needed service at lower costs to all consumers. There are no contracts, no upfront fees – and therefore Ubercare is the perfect backup plan for when you need a care worker as soon as possible to continue to meet the needs of your clients.

View our Corporate Terms and Conditionsinsurance details and careworker screening process.

Why choose Ubercare?

Affordable – save money due to low fees

Convenient – have instant access to a care worker

Safe – protected by all Ubercare’s mandatory safeguards, rating system & choice of accepting or rejecting a care worker

Immediate – choose the ‘on-demand’ care when it suits them