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Disability Support Services


Ubercare has been endorsed by Department of Communities and Social Inclusion and is now approved to deliver government-funded disability services and support in South Australia.

The Ubercare team has worked tirelessly to demonstrate how Ubercare meets the National Standards for Disability Services and its quality, safeguarding and compliance obligations.

For customers who wish to do so, Ubercare is a great way to have freedom and choice about when and where you receive the support you want

While Ubercare’s model focuses on bringing back spontaneity and providing last minute care, our extensive support worker network means we can also work with you to match you with a local support worker (living nearby) that meets your needs.

All Ubercarers are qualified in a minimum Certificate III support/care qualification, have been personally screened by the Ubercare team and are self-employed to provide direct care to clients. With over 500 careworkers in South Australia, an Ubercarer can usually arrive at your home within 15 to 30 minutes.

It’s a great way to get back the spontaneity in your life.

In under 2 hours our Ubercarer was able to do what would have taken me all day – and the work done was great. It was so what we needed. We would definitely Ubercare again and have recommended to our friends and family.

  • Client living with multiple sclerosis

Ubercarer Services

Personal Care

Personal Care & Domestic Assistance

Personal care (such as showering, dressing, personal grooming, toileting, eating and drinking, and hoist transfers) as well as assistance with light household duties (such as vacuuming, mopping, laundry, making beds, tidying up).

“When I was recently hospitalised I couldn’t get out of that hospital quickly enough! Ubercare was there when I needed them to help me shower, dress and have breakfast – otherwise I would still be there. In the evenings my daughter could care for me. It worked really well.”

Meal Assist

Meal Assist

From grocery shopping, helping you prepare meals, ensuring you are fed, then cleaning up, Ubercarers can make sure your meals are taken care of at all times.

“When I wanted to celebrate my birthday at home with my closest friends, Ubercare was there to help me prepare the nibbles, set up all the glasses and drinks, help serve my guests and clean up afterwards. It was a lovely day.”

Social Support

Social Support

Ubercarers can assist you with interacting with your social network or simply provide some company for you. Ubercarers can help you make your appointments, use the internet, send and reply to emails and use social media. You’ll never feel isolated or that you’re missing out when Ubercare is always there.

“I don’t need any physical help, but just having someone to spend time chatting with was wonderful. My Ubercarer even helped me feel more confident using my computer. My social interactions with Ubercarers have been a great comfort to me.”

Out and About

Out and About

Need to get to the doctor, your hairdresser or do the shopping? No problems. Ubercarers can help you to arrange transport and accompany you so you never need to miss out on your hobby and leisure activities. Or, Ubercare can assist you to get out and about by taking you for a walk, or out for a meal.

“I’ve had a few falls and my family is really worried about me doing anything on my own. I used Ubercare when my daughter who normally takes me to my doctor appointments couldn’t leave her work to accompany me. Ubercare was there within 10 minutes and we were dressed and out the door in good time to make my appointment.”

Respite Care

Respite Care

We are your reliable back up plan for when your normal carer needs a break. We can provide a qualified professional as soon as possible (usually within 30 minutes) if your carer is suddenly unavailable or sick, or is having a day off, or on holidays.

“I don’t need full time care but when my daughter goes away Ubercare is always there for me. It’s just great to know I have quality back-up at any time of the day or night.”

Ready to request some help now? You can have an Ubercarer attend your home for the following prices per hour:

Monday – Friday (8am to 6pm) – $38.00
Saturday and After-hours – $43.00
Sunday – $54.00

Call Ubercare on 1300 120 999 if you have any questions, or please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Call our Client Services Manager, Dani McKenna, on 1300 120 999 to discuss your home support options with Ubercare.

Or if you’re ready to receive affordable care straight away and would like to use our App, download it now at Google Play or App Store.