FAQs - Ubercare - Trial Phase Complete


General questions

What is Ubercare?

Ubercare is a smart device application ('App') that enables people to access affordable, in-home care services on demand from qualified care workers. It is available 24 hours, 7 days a week and can be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play.

Ubercare is built around a GPS-system that sends requests to the nearest online Ubercarer in the local area. The person requesting care can then review the worker’s profile picture, star rating and their expected time of arrival before accepting them for a job. Once accepted, the client can follow the progress of the Ubercarer on the map, right up until the moment they arrive.

What is an Ubercarer?

Ubercarers are qualified, Independent Contractors who have Australian Business Numbers and are self-employed to provide direct care to clients.

We provide the App to approved Ubercarers for the purpose of introducing them to clients in need of care services, giving them choice and flexibility of when, where and how often they work.

On the Ubercarer's behalf, we process payment via Braintree, a subsidiary of Paypal, from clients in respect of care received via the App.

How does Ubercare work?

For home care clients

By using your App you can send a request to available Ubercarers in your area. They will be able to come and assist you with a variety of tasks that you need to continue to live safely and happily at home. Please visit our services page to find out what Ubercarers can do.

When you make a request, the request is sent out to the nearest available Ubercarer, they then have the option of offering their services to you. If they offer care, a message will be sent back to you showing the carer's name, photo and in-app rating, from there you can either accept or skip the carer.

Ubercarers can usually arrive within 30 minutes and you can view how close they are via your App. The App offers a timer for the duration of the carer's visit and secure credit card payment via Braintree, a subsidiary of Paypal, so the process for engaging a carer is simple and stress-free.

Finally, Ubercare offers a user rating system so you can rate your carer and if you like them - have them back again!

For corporate clients

Ubercare has developed an online portal for aged care providers to request last minute, on demand careworkers at an affordable rate.

When you request carer(s) via Ubercare's online portal, the request is sent out to the nearest available carer(s). If you're time poor, they can attend without you taking any further action, or alternatively, you can view their name, photograph and star rating before accepting them for a shift. You are in control - no more waiting for agencies to call back.

Once accepted, the portal will countdown to the Ubercarer's arrival and you can see exactly how close they are via a map.

No timesheets are required as Ubercarers clocks on and off via their App.

To ensure only quality careworkers are introduced to you via Ubercare, you have the opportunity to rate each Ubercarer and report incidents, all via the online portal.

What qualifications do Ubercarers have?

Ubercarers hold a minimum of Certificate III level qualification in care, such as Individual Support (care specialisation), Aged Care, Home & Community Care or Disability.

All careworkers are screened prior to becoming an approved Ubercarer.

All Ubercarers must supply current National Police Checks, First Aid Certificates and Manual Handling Certificates. These must be updated every 3 years.

Do Ubercarers have insurance?

When you book a service through the Ubercare App or Portal, insurance is in place to protect you and the Ubercarer in relation to the services. Please refer to our insurance page.

What services do Ubercarers provide?

- Personal Care & Domestic Assistance

such as showering, dressing, personal grooming, toileting, eating and drinking, and hoist transfers) as well as assistance with light household duties (such as vacuuming, mopping, laundry, making beds, tidying up.

- Meal Assistance

From grocery shopping, helping you prepare meals, ensuring you are fed, then cleaning up, Ubercarers can make sure your meals are taken care of at all times.

- Social Support

Ubercarers can assist you with interacting with your social network or simply provide some company for you. Ubercarers can help you make your appointments, use the internet, send and reply to emails and use social media. You’ll never feel isolated or that you’re missing out when Ubercare is always there.

- Out and About

Need to get to the doctor, your hairdresser or do the shopping? No problems. Ubercarers can help you to arrange transport and accompany you so you never need to miss out on your hobby and leisure activities. Or, Ubercare can assist you to get out and about by taking you for a walk, or out for a meal.

- Respite Care

We are your reliable back up plan for when your normal carer needs a break. We can provide a qualified professional as soon as possible (usually within 30 minutes) if your carer is suddenly unavailable or sick, or is having a day off, or on holidays.


Please refer to our services page.

How much does care cost?

Ubercare makes care affordable for everyone, while empowering qualified careworkers to run their own business and develop their own client base through the Ubercare App. This ensures they are qualified, meet the mandatory requirements and that insurance is in place.

Current Charges
$38.00 per hour - Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm
$43.00 per hour - After Hours and Saturday
$54.00 per hour - Sunday

When using the App, you'll always be asked to confirm you're happy with the charges before proceeding.

How am I charged when using Ubercare?

There are various payment methods. Our primary payment method is our cashless payment system, where your registered credit card will be charged the fee for services. You will be charged for a minimum of 1 hour per care request. If the carer stays beyond this, the additonal time will be added and time will be rounded to the nearest 15 minute increment.

Ubercare does not store your credit card information. Braintree, a subsidiary of Paypal, processes payments on our behalf and your data is stored their secure databases in an encrypted form using industry-standard encryption algorithms.

Alternatively, you may be able to use your home care package or NDIS funding toward Ubercare. See our Home Care Packages page and NDIS page for more information, or call Dani, our Client Services Manager, on 1300 120 999.

Can organisations use Ubercare?

Ubercare has set up an online portal for organisations who may require more than one carer. This is ideal for last minute staffing requests and placing you in control of the careworkers you receive. To find out more, visit our Corporate Portal page.

Can I become an Ubercarer?

Yes, you can! Joining is free, simply head to our Become an Ubercarer page.

I want the same carer at 9am for 5 days straight. Can Ubercare help?

Yes. For example, once you've found a local carer that you like via Ubercare, you can make this arrangement directly with them. Ask them to arrive at your door at 9am, when the carer arrives because of their proximity to you, you can Request a Carer and the request will go directly to them. 

They then accept the request, Report Arrived and the charging time commences.

This can be repeated at a pre-agreed time on a daily basis for as long as you require.

I have a complaint. What do I do?

We value feedback as it assists us to improve our products, services and customer service. Please refer to our Complaints Policy for full information and feel free to call us on 1300 120 999.

Home Care Client questions

Why should I use Ubercare?

Our priority is to assist you to live in your home as long as possible. Ubercare eliminates the complexity of obtaining care when you need it by making it affordable, fast and simple.

- PRICE - Ubercarers are the most affordable qualified care workers available on the market
- CONVENIENCE - You choose when you want to book an Ubercarer and for how long (min. 1 hour, available 24/7)
- CHOICE - You have a choice of Ubercarer and can build up a team of preferred carers
- SAFETY - You are protected by all the mandatory safeguards, PLUS by using our unique rating system, you can be sure that your experience of service is known to all
- IMMEDIATE - You can book an 'on demand' service and the Ubercarers in your area will respond within minutes. No need to navigate the complicated aged care system, undertake an assessment or be placed on waiting lists

How do I use Ubercare?

 10 easy steps

 1. Download the free app via Google Play or App Store
 2. Register your details including name and address
 3. Add payment method (credit card or debit card), this will be securely stored by Braintree, a subsidiary of Paypal
 4. Accept Terms & Conditions
 5. Request a carer - which goes out to the nearest carer or your preferred carer first
 6. Review carer response, including their charge rates, photograph and rating. Accept (or skip) carer
 7. Countdown timer appears until their estimated time of arrival
 8 Notification when they arrive. A doorbell sound will chime when the carer is within 50 metres. Carer charges commence
 9. Automatic payment once all tasks completed and carer signs off
 10. Rate your carer

When can I request an Ubercarer and for how long?

Ubercare is a 24 hour, 7 days a week service. You can request a carer for a minimum of 1 hour whether they can stay longer will depend on their availability. If longer care is required, the carer can assist you to request a different carer before they leave. We advise that you ask the carer about their availability when they arrive.

What is the minimum time I can use an Ubercarer for?

The carer will be available for a minimum of 1 hour and as a client you will be charged for a minimum of 1 hour.
If required the carer can continue to assist after the minimum 1hr, provided they are available to.

I have requested care but no one is responding... what is happening?

When you put out a request, the App tells you how many carers are online and available.

Ubercare is increasing the number of Ubercare carers available every day.

If no one is responding to your request, you might like to cancel the request and try again in a few minutes.

How do I know when my Ubercarer will arrive?

Once you have accepted a carer's offer of care, the app countdowns until their estimated time of arrival. You can also see how close the carer is by viewing the onscreen map.

Can I have more than one carer at once?

At this time, home users can only request one carer to provide assistance at a time. We will let you know as soon as we implement this feature.

My carer is late... what do I do?

Once you've accepted a carer, you have the option to directly call them. You may like to contact them in the event they are late. The Ubercare system will note that the carer is late and the timer on your App will time how late they are. If they are more than 30 minutes late you will have the option to cancel the request entirely.

The carer has finished... what happens now?

The carer will ask if they can finish and then sign off using their device. This ‘stops the clock’ and finalises the charge to your nominated card. This will be confirmed by an immediate in-app message to you, together with an invoice confirming the total charge to your nominated credit card. You will then have the opportunity to rate your carer out of 5 stars.

What should I rate my carer?

Our rating system is designed to ensure you receive quality care from quality careworkers.

We suggest 5 - 'excellent', 4 - 'good', 3 - 'average', 2 - 'fair' and 1 - 'poor'.

Ubercare may remove any carers who drop below 3 stars.

What if my preferred carer doesn't appear in my request search?

It means that the particular carer is not online. All carers are suitably qualified. So simply send out another request and select a different carer, you might end up with another favourite.

I didn't like my carer and don't want them again... what do I do?

Ubercare is aware that these instances will happen from time to time. The next time you make a request for care there is an option to skip the carer if they happen to appear on your screen.

Can I engage my carer privately?

It's important to remember that Ubercare insurance ONLY protects you for care provided via the app. Use of the app also ensures that your carer has current qualifications, mandatory requirements and police checks.

Can I set up the app for my elderly parents?

Yes, you can sign up with their name, phone number and address, instead of your own. That way carers will see your parents name, age and be able to call them directly if there are any issues.

Alternatively, you can use your own personal details to sign up, but specify in the 'Additional Information' area of your Profile (in My Account within the App) that the care is for your parents, aged XX and they require support with XX. You can also include their contact number. Carers will receive this information once they arrive at the specified address and will know to expect a different person other than the account holder. However, when the carer presses 'Call Client' the call will go to you instead.

Corporate Client questions

Why should I use Ubercare?

Ubercare can solve your last minute staffing worries and link you with qualified careworkers.

- Low hourly rate
- You choose and rate the careworkers
- GPS tracking so you know staff are on their way
- Manage everything online, no waiting for callbacks

Does Ubercare provide clinical support

Ubercare provides care workers with a minimum qualification in aged care, disability, individual support or home and community care. We do not currently provide clinical services.

Can Ubercare provide services for people who receive a government subsidised care program?

Yes, we can. Ubercare work in partnership with approved providers of government subsidised programs. Approved providers can be Ubercare's corporate clients.

Who is Ubercare available to, and is it only the aged care sector

Ubercare is a fee for service, service. Ubercare can provide services to anyone who needs a little help in the home or provide last minute extra care staff for a residential facility. 
The services can benefit people with disabilities, older people or family carers (home clients). It also might suit someone who has recently been unwell or had surgery and needs short term home assistance. The service is for anyone who needs an extra hand on an 'on demand' basis.

Is Ubercare a government approved provider of care?

No, Ubercare is not a government approved provider. We aim to support all approved providers (corporate clients) of care in both the community and residential care setting by providing last minute qualified care workers when needed.

Do we have the capability to select an Ubercare for a short term regular placement for example, filling in shifts while recruiting regular staff?

Yes: An individual agreement can be made with the approved provider (corporate client) and the Ubercarer, but the bookings must be made through the Ubercare portal as a 'scheduled request'.
Any other arrangements outside the portal will negate the Ubercarers insurance cover.

When community services, approved providers allocate their own support workers in 'rounds' for various clients in a specific location, can a ubercarer be scheduled to cover server jobs in a 'round'?

Yes: same arrangements as above.

Can the approved provider (corporate client) request more than 1 person for one client?

Yes, you can book more than one person for a home client or a residential care facility through the corporate portal.

How does the approved provider (corporate client) ensure the (home) client is identified on the invoice?

There is a section in the corporate portal where you can detail the individual client's name or client reference number. This will then match the invoice statement to an individual.

How do we manage if the organisation doesn't have a credit card?

In that situation Ubercare can provide a prepaid debit card that provides the corporate client control of maintaining a positive balance on this account. There is no additional cost associated with this.

How many addresses can each corporate client portal carry?


Ubercarer Questions

Why should I sign up to be an Ubercarer?

Ubercare gives you the chance to be your own boss and work flexible hours to fit in with your personal life.

- Log on as 'Available for work' with the press of a button
- Work opportunities nearest to you appear instantly on your phone
- You choose the clients (aged care facilities or home care clients) and how far you're willing to travel
- Weekly pay
- As long as you have been suitably qualified and screened by Ubercare, you will be responsible for how to best provide care to your Users.

Is there any cost to being an Ubercarer?

It's free to sign up. When completing jobs via the App, Ubercare charges carers an agency fee of maximum $10 per hour including GST. This covers the licensing fee to access the App, insurance, marketing, technology upgrades and administration costs.

How much are Ubercarers paid?

The MINIMUM an Ubercarer will be paid, after agency fees have been removed (which covers licencing fee to access the App, insurance, marketing, technology upgrades and administration costs) are:
Monday to Friday (8am to 6pm) - $28.00
Monday to Friday (Before 8am and after 6pm) and Saturdays - $33.00
Sundays  - $44.00

Public holidays - $60.00

When will I be paid?

The pay cycle is Monday to Sunday. The payments are processed weekly on Monday, so you will either receive your payment in your bank account Monday night or Tuesday morning, depending on which bank you’re with.

Who are the clients of Ubercare?

Clients are both members of the community as well as aged care organisations. Which clients you serve is completely up to you. When you receive a care job, you will be able to view the client's name (or organisation), age (if a home care client) and average star rating. Ubercare stores personal details of all clients in a secure database and stores credit card details in Braintree, a subsidiary of Paypal.

How do I know what the job entails?

For home care, it is expected that an Ubercarer can provide all services listed, including Personal Care, Meal Assist, Social Support, Travel Assistance or Respite Care.

You have the flexibility to decide when you work and which requests for services you accept from Users.

For aged care faciltiies, you are being requested to work as a Personal Care Worker and perform such duties.

How do I log my availability?

Our service is on demand - meaning NOW jobs. A standard home care request is 1 hour and it is the minimum you will be paid for. Clients are aware of this when requesting a carer.

For aged care facilities, you will be informed the shift duration (for example, 5 or 8 hours), and if you are able to work that period of time, then you could offer care.

The App also has a feature where you can add 10, 20 or 30 minutes to the travel time, if you need to prepare before attending a job. When we undertake pre-screening, we will ensure that each Ubercarer has the necessary skills to provide all services listed, including Personal Care, Meal Assist, Social Support, Travel Assistance or Respite Care.

Do I need a Driver's Licence?

As client requests are on demand (meaning right now), it is a requirement that Ubercarers have a Driver’s Licence and a working car. It is acceptable if you are able to be driven around by someone else, but public transport is unfortunately not a suitable transport method. 

Do I need insurance?

Ubercare has arranged to cover all of its Ubercarers with an insurance policy under ANSVAR, a leading insurance provider in the care sector. The cost of this insurance is included in our Agency Fee per hour of Service and cannot be removed should you already have insurance.

Ubercare’s insurance policy includes Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Sexual Abuse cover. For full information about the insurance policy, please click here.

Ubercarers need an ABN. What does this mean?

Ubercarers are independent contractors and need to satisfy the eligibility criteria to operate a business under an Australian Business Number. 

You can find out more about being an independent contractor here