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What Clients Say

Harshdeep was very helpful, and seemed very knowledgeable about computers which is exactly what I needed. He fixed up my TV connections too as I have just had my flat painted and needed help getting everything re-connected. All the Ubercarers I have had have been wonderful. It’s just the little things that I value that the Ubercarers have time to do.

My experience with other agencies is that the sometimes I have missed out on getting my true needs met. They have a schedule of what to do that seems that they are not allowed to break. Every Ubercarer I have had come to me has been great!

Julie Sutherland

Ubercare presents the perfect solution for older people wanting to stay in their own home but still receive support. Their carers are experienced, hard working, sincere people trained and qualified with all the skills necessary to provide a full range of home support services.

I was amazed at the simplicity of the user-friendly app….highly efficient, fast and effective. Even I could master the app.

Graeme GilbertsonFormer General Manager (with 45 years in the media industry) - Channel 9 Adelaide

How did you find your first experience with Ubercare?

“It was just so wonderful to have care on demand when I needed it, instead of waiting for the traditional service provider to respond.”

Young disability Client

Provides that little bit of extra help to stay where you are


If I needed help I could have someone there within 20 minutes


Can access an Ubercarer at a moment’s notice to attend to any of my parent’s needs,

even though I live interstate and that gives me peace of mind.

Ian from Queensland

Bringing back the spontaneity in our lives

In under 2 hours our Ubercarer was able to do what would have taken me all day – and the work done was great. It was so what we needed. We would definitely Ubercare again and have recommended to our friends and family!

Client living with multiple sclerosis